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With mobile gaming showing no signs of slowing down, suppliers are starting to ensure that titles developed are optimised for mobile. The question is are we seeing the death of desktop games as a result? SlotBeats asked three suppliers about the future of desktops games.

Will the industry see suppliers stop considering the development of desktop titles and narrow-in on creating slots with a sole mobile focus or does desktop still play a role on the market?

David Little, co-founder and director, Lightning Box.
David Little, Lightning Box: Mobile gaming now accounts for around 75 per cent of gameplay. Obviously that figure fluctuates depending on the market. But it’s fair to say that it overtook desktop in most countries some time ago. As a result, people have been writing desktop’s obituary for some time.

But as Mark Twain would say, news of its death may be exaggerated. We’ve found many players try out new games and understand how they work on desktop. If they like them, they often then move to mobile and ‘snack’ on them. Due to factors like download size, differences in the central processing unit and resultant battery drain, the experience differs with mobile and limits are placed on what is possible.

You have to make the transition from desktop to mobile as seamless as possible. The experience should be as similar as is possible on the two different devices. At Lightning Box, we always build the best game we can first then pear it back to suit the device it’s played on, whether that be desktop, the latest iPhone or a 2015 Android. We’ll do that for as long as there is demand. We don’t tell people what they should be playing on – we offer them choices……..